How well do you know the actual Ginny Weasley?

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This quiz is just for fun but i hope you enjoy it to it's fullest extent. To be in Ginny Weasley's shoes would be so cool. She is my favorite character [besides Hermionie] and i love her personality!

She is my usernames namesake and is an awesome character. this quiz is designed to tell you how much you know about Ginny in 13 easy and quick questions. With a bonus question not related. Continue Please!

Created by: Ginny Weasley

  1. How old was Ginny in the battle of Hogwarts?
  2. What is Ginny's actual name?
  3. How old was Ginny in the third book of Harry Potter?
  4. What color is Ginny's hair?[easy question]
  5. How many siblings does Ginny have?
  6. What are Ginny's parents names?
  7. How many sisters does Ginny have?
  8. What is Ginny's hair type in her first year?
  9. In what book did Harry save Ginny?
  10. True or false?!Did Ginny fall in love with Harry the first time she saw him?
  11. Who created the character of Ginny Weasley?
  12. Who played the character of Ginny Weasley in the movies?
  13. Which book did Ginny just meet Harry?
  14. What color are Ginny's eyes?
  15. Do you support Biden or Trump?Does not affect score.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the actual Ginny Weasley?