How well do you know teenage mutant ninja turtles

You are true geniuses in you cant see than try harder to look and if you can't than get a better morrow look a little deeper stare a little longer and you are unique and amazing

This is a great quiz I spent a really long time time making this and if you want to make this it will not take as long because I took time and this time is for you

Created by: Meow meow meow
  1. What is ralps weapons cald
  2. What are the colors of tmnt
  3. What are the names of tmnt
  4. What is the tmmt masters name
  5. What is Mikey Donnie and raph pets name
  6. What is spikes new name
  7. Who is the hockey player and the red head
  8. What happened to april s dad
  9. Who is splinters dauter
  10. Who did splinter name the turtles after

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Quiz topic: How well do I know teenage mutant ninja turtles