How Well Do You Know Tangled?

Prepare yourself to take a quiz on Tangled, the Disney animated movie. If you love the movie, you should do well.

Step right up, step right up. Take the Rapunzel quiz! The level:medium its not that hard. I think the hardest question is the first one, silly right? Don't you agree?

Created by: josie johnson
  1. When does Rapunzel wake up?
  2. What is Flynn Riders real name?
  3. What do Flynn riders thief friends like to be called?
  4. What household item does Rapunzel use as a weapon?
  5. What's the horses name?
  6. What activity does Rapunzel NOT do in the morning?
  7. What does Flynn Rider call Rapunzel?
  8. How does mother gothel say she followed Rapunzel?
  9. What is Rapunzels dream?
  10. What does Flynn say when Rapunzel tells him her name?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Tangled?