How Well Do You know Supernatural?

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Not everyone remembers the stuff from the very beginning if Supernatural. Some if us are obsessed. Take this quiz to find out what category you belong in.

Are you just taking the test because you can? Well if you get a high score congrats. Are you a Supernatural expert and are testing your skills? Whatever the case, have fun.

Created by: alt

  1. Which season does Castiel appear?
  2. Which demon takes advantage of Sam to feed him demon blood?
  3. What do Cas and Dean have in common?
  4. What is Sam's favorite pet animal?
  5. Sam gave Dean a present when they were both young. The present was a necklace with a charm at the end. What was the charm's color and shape?
  6. Which one of Sam's girlfriends died?
  7. What is the Winchester's long lost brother named?
  8. What girlfriend does Dean hookup with in "Route 666"?
  9. The episode where Dean only has a month to live is called...
  10. Which character doesn't like flying?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Supernatural?