How well do you know Secrets of the Forbid. Spinjitzu?

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This is the third quiz in my 'Decade of Spinjitzu' Series, which will have many quizzes leading up to Jan 14th 2021, which is the 10th anniversary. The previous quizzes were the Master of the Mountain and Prime Empire quizzes. The next quiz will be about the hidden gem, 'March of the Oni'. Enjoy ♪ P. S. Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu is the first season in Era 4/Elemental Chapters.

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Created by: Atomic Emperor

  1. How many episodes are there?
  2. So, usually in this quiz series, the second question is about the focus character, but because SoFS has no focus, I am asking who the mascot character is.
  3. This season tried out a new format (which failed), where the season is split into 2 chapters, what are the 2 chapters called?
  4. SoFS changed the series' animation studio. What is the new studio called
  5. A joke character was introduced in Episode 1. The character was used as a character for the ninja to fight. What animal is the character?
  6. How many episodes used an anime style animation?
  7. A crossover character is used quite alot in this season. Who is it?
  8. Is there any bonus content? (Mini-Movies, Blooper Reels, Behind the Scenes, etc)
  9. What years did SoFS release in?
  10. The Fold had returnes to create music for this season. What is the intro music called?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Secrets of the Forbid. Spinjitzu?