How Well Do You Know Rosie?

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This quiz will ask a deep question. How much do you know about Rosie? Do you even know who Rosie is? No matter what score you get, Rosie is a dangerous goober that you should never get near…

Why shouldn’t you? You just shouldn’t, kid. Don’t ask any more questions or I’ll get a headache. *clears throat* I said no more questions. Don’t make me bring you into the alley.

Created by: Kiwi Bird
  1. What’s Rosie’s favorite food?
  2. What Species Is Rosie?
  3. Is Rosie a Criminal?
  4. Who is Rosie’s Worst Enemy?
  5. What Are Rosie’s Main Forms Called? (Hard.)
  6. What Is Rosie’s Favorite Weapon?
  7. What Is Rosie Filled With?
  8. Is Rosie Super Cute?
  9. What Is Rosie’s Other Language?
  10. What do you think your score will be?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Rosie?