How well do you know rainbow high?

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Hello! If you’ve seen the new show from a while ago you’ll know rainbow high! This quiz will ask questions about the characters and more!!!! Check it out!

Hi! If you saw the first paragraph then u’d know about this quiz! I really hope ur doing this quiz cuz you watched the show! Not cuz ur a quiz addict!

Created by: i like stuff 123

  1. Who likes to make blogs the most?
  2. Who makes clothing and is a fashion designer?
  3. Who got kicked out of rainbow high?
  4. Who came into rainbow high after _____ got kicked?
  5. Who is Amaya in love with?
  6. Who makes new makeup?
  7. Who makes sneaker designs sometimes?
  8. Who makes music?
  9. Who makes cartoons?
  10. Who also does fashions?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know rainbow high?