How well do you know Pop Punk?

There are so many people out there these days that think pop punk has only been around since the 90's. Or that bands like Green Day, Blink 182, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, etc. are real pop punk bands.

The reason I made this quiz is to see how many people actually know what I'm talking about and to see how much you really know about pop punk. Also I wanted to kind of give a lesson to the people who don't know what I'm talking about and have no clue about real music. Hope you enjoy this!

Created by: heath

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  1. Which of the following bands are TRUE pop punk rockers?
  2. What band released the pop punk classic, "My Brain Hurts"?
  3. How many chords, on average, are used for pop-punk songs?
  4. What is Joe Queer's (from The Queers) real name?
  5. What song does these lyrics belong to? "We need change and we need it fast, before rock just becomes part of our past..."
  6. Now what band sings that song?
  7. Finish this album title..."Death by ________"
  8. What's the first track on "Death by Television"?
  9. Did you just cheat on question 7 by finding out the answer on question 8?
  10. What is the name of Ben Weasel's book?
  11. What line of lyrics does Ben Weasel say in the song "Teenage Freakshow"?
  12. Do you consider bands like Simple Plan, and My Chemical Romance punk?
  13. What does a REAL pop punker wear while performing live?
  14. The Riverdales sound almost identical to what influential band?
  15. The album, "Love Songs for the Retarded", belongs to what band?
  16. Ben Weasel mostly collaborates with whichother musician?
  17. Where should you NOT shop at?
  18. What do pop punk songs mostly consist of?
  19. What should you NOT have in your pop-punk band?
  20. Why should you listen to less mainstream music?
  21. Did you think this quiz was going to ask questions about bands like Simple Plan, Green Day etc.?
  22. My goal for this quiz was to wake people up to real pop punk bands and tell them what it is really about. Did I accomplish this at least a little bit?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pop Punk?