How well do you know mlp?

My little pony is an amazing show of ponies. A pony named Twilight didn't have any friends and now has a lot. She met 5 more ponies, Apple Jack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie.

How much do YOU know about this show? Are an expert? Who are you? If you wanna find out take this test. It will ask you easy questions and hard ones. Take this test to find out.

Created by: Ava Wilson
  1. Level Easy. Who is the main pony in mlp?
  2. What is Apple Bloom's sister
  3. Who likes cheering people up?
  4. Who is rare and pretty?
  5. Who got an injured wing in one of the episodes?
  6. Who became the princess in mlp.
  7. Who wants to do the next level?
  8. What episode did Fluttershy fly super fast?
  9. What's rainbow dash's pet?
  10. What's Pinkie's real name?
  11. This quiz is heating up! We're on to the next level! When was Pinkie called Ponka Po?
  12. Who said "The Juicer, the better!"
  13. What episode did Apple Jack and Fluttershy sing Vampire Bats?
  14. In the episode The Return Of Harmony Part 1, who said "Confusion?"
  15. One more question! Which song had these lyrics? "What we gonna do got a..."

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mlp?