How well do you know me, Brambles?

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Hey, I’m Bramblestar, or Brambles. This is a quiz about how well you know me. If you’re a stranger, we’ll, I almost guarantee you’ll fail. Sorry, but it’s true…

And if you’re a friend, we’ll, still good luck, because I put a LOT of questions on this thing. Anyways, yeah…bai now! (I have to add more characters, so that is why this is here)

Created by: Skyburn_The_SkyWing
  1. What’s my real first name?
  2. What’s my favorite animal?
  3. What’s my favorite color?
  4. What is my age?
  5. What month is my birthday?
  6. What grade am I in?
  7. What is my favorite book series?
  8. Am I gonna go to hell when I die?
  9. What is my sona’s name?
  10. What is my dream job?
  11. Where do I live?
  12. Am I a writer?
  13. Am I a digital artist
  14. Am I traditional artist?
  15. What is my sexuality? Part 1
  16. What is my sexuality? Part 2
  17. What are my pronouns?
  18. If I could turn into any animal, what would it be?
  19. What is my favorite sport?
  20. What is my favorite food?
  21. What color hair do I have?
  22. Is my hair curly or straight?
  23. What is my eye color?
  24. Am I tall for my age?
  25. Do I have freckles?
  26. Do I have a dark sense of humor?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me, Brambles?