How well do you know me?

Hi! This quiz is mostly about me, and my life. It'll ask you almost 14 questions, according to me. For you who are taking the quiz right now, I wish you good luck

The quiz has 14 questions, and lots of different answers. The questions are hard, because they are about me and I have a feeling you don't know me. Good luck.

Created by: Beautiful123

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  1. What's my favorite color?
  2. Who is my favorite frozen character?
  3. Who is my favorite singer?
  4. Who do I live with?
  5. What is my Puppy's name and gender?
  6. How do I mostly wear my hair?
  7. How is my hair?
  8. What is my gender?
  9. What is my stuffed animal's full name and animal type?
  10. What color is my shampoo?
  11. What is my name?
  12. What is my crush's name?
  13. What is my enemy's name?
  14. What is my favorite sport?
  15. What do I look like?
  16. What is my second favorite color?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?