How well do you know me

well some people know people a little bit more than other people do it's just than some of us have different kind of talents.even twins have different kinds of talents so at least some people know me better than other people do.

not every body knows everything so that means you can't know everything unless you know every sinlge person and what they do every single animal and what you deffinantly can't know all the good things that your supposed to know.sometimes people are just people cause they can only win if you try.and you can only lose if you don't try.

Created by: shauney

  1. What is my FAVORITE sport?
  2. Who is my BEST FRIEND?
  3. What School Do I Go To?
  4. Whe was I born?
  5. Who is my Idol?
  6. What grade am I in?
  7. What dance school do i go to?
  8. what is my 2nd favorite sport?
  9. Who is my 2nd best friend?
  10. How long have i been dancing?
  11. Do I know u?
  12. What is my favorite color?
  13. What is my favorite number?
  14. who did i like 1st in the 5th grade?
  15. who is my favorite teacher?
  16. What is my favorite car?
  17. what is favorite solo out of the 3 solos i have now

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me