How well do you know me?

There are many smart people,but few true geniuses that know me.A smart person is pretty much smart.What is a smart person?A smart person is a person who has a clever mind and is a know-it-all.

Please take this quiz,every body might know me.Come on you might know me perfectly,i will be your best friend and i can find you a boyfriend-or girlfriend(me).Come on i am single,i am looking for some love!Bye!I was kidding about that!Don't take it seriously!

Created by: sprinkles

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  1. What is my fave color?
  2. least fave color?
  3. what is the color of my hair
  4. My color of eyes
  5. My fave celeb boys
  6. fave celeb girls
  7. fave hobbies
  8. How many trophies do i have
  9. Do i wear glasses and braces
  10. How many siblings do i have
  11. My fave music
  12. My fave show
  13. My fave network
  14. Fave movie
  15. rate/comment please

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?