How well do you know Marsh? HARD VERSION

I usually enclosed part of my information to everyone here on BFC. Some pay attention, while others laugh at this. Let's see if you can remember what I said. But this time, it's more challenging.

This quiz is ALL about me, right down to my free time. I'm expecting NO ONE to get a 100 on this. Feeling cocky about this quiz? Answer all of the questions!

Created by: Marsh

  1. Favorite character from Kingdom Hearts?
  2. Have I ever moved out of state?
  3. The one sport I HATE playing:
  4. My favorite type of drink?
  5. Just to be a dick, what's my height?
  6. Have I ever broken a bone in my body?
  7. My mortal enemy?
  8. Other than music, my other interest is:
  9. What character do I hardly use in Brawl?
  10. What exact time did I make this question?
  11. Favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
  12. Worst mistake I made on BFC?
  13. The worst thing I hate about 107?
  14. Do I have a job outside of BFC?
  15. What channel do I always have my TV set to?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Marsh? HARD VERSION