How well do you know LeBron James?

You will sit and relax and answer seven moderate LeBron James questions and at the end you will get a score, from 1-100 telling how good you did. Have fun!

Oh, and before you go, make sure that every single question is answered and also, you are not allowed to look up any questions on this quiz, or else whats the point? Thank you and have fun!

Created by: Taylor

  1. How many NBA Championships has LeBron won(as of 2029-2020?)
  2. What was LeBron part of?
  3. Who was in LeBron's group?
  4. Which teams did he play for(as of 2019-2020?)
  5. How many seasons has LeBron been playing for(including this season and as of 2019-2020?)
  6. What was LeBron's nickname in high school that also carried on to the NBA?
  7. How old is LeBron James(as of 2019-2020?)
  8. Did LeBron James win back to back championships?
  9. How much money does LeBron James have?
  10. How many teams has LeBron James played on?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know LeBron James?