How well do you know Jackass?

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This quiz is for the Jackass crazed fans!!!It is quite small but fairly hard if you don't know your stuff!!!!!Here is an inside sneak-peak at what you might find.

Example:Who are the camera men of Jackass.What are the nicknames of the cast and crew.ect......I suggest you watch some tv and hit the movie store if you don't know the answers to my examples.

Created by: Sarah
  1. Who are the stars of Jackass?
  2. What are the name's of most of the crew?
  3. Whats is Ehren's stunt name??
  4. What is Steve-o's nickname??
  5. Who did Bam wake up with his "guitar solo"?
  6. Who are Bam's parent's and what is his mom's nickname?
  7. What did Bam get branded onto him and where by who?
  8. What is Ryan's nickname?
  9. What cars has Dave pooped in?
  10. Who aired the Jackass Tv show?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jackass?