How well do you know hockey

Are you a true hockey fan find out know with this quiz this quiz is very easy at least I think and some may be tricky but you will get there I know you can I believe in you

Your better hope you know hockey lucky you it's not super difficult I believe you can do it you go girl or boy or transgender I don't judge. Gooooooooood luck👍

Created by: Unknown
  1. what hockey team traded Phil Kessel to the penguins
  2. What was the last year the leafs won the Stanley cup
  3. What day is hockey night in Canada on
  4. Who is the best hockey player ever
  5. What is the best sport of all time
  6. What is the black thing that you use to score goals with called
  7. What is when you go into that box for usually 2 minutes called
  8. What is the thing you play on called
  9. Is it hot or cold in the rink
  10. What do you use to score

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Quiz topic: How well do I know hockey