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If you think you are a big Harry Potter Fan but you think your good enough to be a Harry potter geek I would Encourage you to take this quiz in order to find out Im going to worn you now if you haven't read them all if you haven't there are some serious spoilers

So if you didn't do well try again if you don't like reading it sucks for you!For everyone who is awesome and likes to read thanks for taking my quiz.

Created by: Macey Stevenson

  1. Which book is writen by Phgllida Spore?
  2. Whitch Weekly contain what Info ?
  3. which is the correct title for this book --- ?
  4. In the theird Harry Potter book what time did Harry and Hermione go back to useing the time-turner?
  5. What was the name of the shop in which Crookshanks jumped on Ron head?
  6. What is Snape's Tonk's Albaforth's Luna's and Ginny's patronuses ?
  7. which people were on the Slytherin team in third year?
  8. The squib nabor of the Dursley's lives how many houses away?
  9. What does the fourth secret pasage way lead to ?
  10. In the Deathly Hollows at the weding Ginny's dress is what color?
  11. Hermione's first Kiss was from...?

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