How Well Do You Know Frank?

A lot of people claim to know Frank. However, do they really? You may have talked to people that try to brag about how good of friends they are with Frank. Do not be deceived. Many people due to the fact of Frank's awesomeness lie about their being friends with him. Are you a liar?

If you are a liar than this test is not for you. If you still think that you know a lot about Frank then step right up and take this quick quiz. You will be tested on different aspects of his life. Test your knowledge of Frank with this Quiz!

Created by: Frank
  1. What is Frank's middle name?
  2. How many brothers does Frank have? (do not include Frank himself)
  3. Out of the following choices, which would Frank prefer?
  4. What would Frank order at Taco Bell?
  5. Which is NOT a true statement?
  6. What color is Frank's favorite?
  7. What is the name of Frank's best friend?
  8. Who does Frank consider to be a "giant"?
  9. What was Frank's favorite sport in elementary/middle school?
  10. Frank's eyes are...

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Frank?