How well do you know Feathertail?

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Here is a test to test you on your knowledge of the world-famous character, Feathertail. You need to answer these questions to find out about your knowledge of world-famous characters.

Play this quiz to find out your knowledge of the powerful Warrior Cats character. So please come in, relax and find your score with this ultimate Feathertail quiz!

Created by: Feathertail

  1. Firstly, how did Feathertail die?
  2. Who were Feathertail's parents?
  3. Who is Feathertail's brother?
  4. Who was Feathertail's crush?
  5. What clan was Feathertail in?
  6. What clan was Feathertail's father in?
  7. Now we will look at Feathertail's brother, Stormfur!
  8. What clans is Stormfur's blood split in?
  9. What color is Stormfur's pelt?
  10. Now, back to Feathertail!
  11. Why did Feathertail go on an adventure to meet Midnight the badger?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Feathertail?