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Hello! This is a quiz I made for Everglow fans! This quiz is my second quiz. I had lots of fun by making this quiz and I hope you will too. And please support our girls no matter what. Aaaaah! I'm running out of words! So please don't care what I have wrote. ( I'm so stupid saying to support everglow, while knowing Forevers always support Everglow.)

In this quiz I will be checking how much you know about Everglow. There are 11 questions. Try to get them all correct. And don't forget to rate and comment to know that you enjoyed. Now let's get started!

Created by: AneRovindi

  1. First of all, How many members are there in Everglow?
  2. When did Everglow debut?
  3. What is Everglow's fandom name?
  4. Who is the leader of Everglow?
  5. Who is the oldest and the youngest in Everglow respectively?
  6. Now let's move to member questionsWhat is the meaning of the name E:U?
  7. Who are the OVERSPENDERS in Everglow?
  8. Who was the first member to be revealed in Everglow?
  9. Who is not a Korean member in Everglow?
  10. Who is the scariest person in Everglow?
  11. Who is the tallest in Everglow?

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