How well do you know Disney Channel?

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Hello! You will take this quiz and find out how much you know about Disney Channel. You will see how much you know about it. You can go ahead and start!!!!!!!!

Good luck in this quiz!!!!! There are 10 questions about Disney Channel. I wish you the best and you hope that you get a good result. You can go ahead and start the quiz!

Created by: ImNatalie
  1. Which Disney Channel movie is the most popular?
  2. Who played Mal in Descendants?
  3. Who played Sharpay in High School Musical?
  4. Which one of these is NOT a star from Bizaardvark?
  5. Who played Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle?
  6. Who played Hannah Montana?
  7. Who played Mitchie in Camp Rock?
  8. What Descendants star died?
  9. Which one of these is a star from Bunk'd?
  10. Which one of these is a star from Stuck in the Middle?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Disney Channel?