How Well Do You Know Coldplay?

There are many fans of Coldplay, but few know these little secret things. Take this quiz and you will find out lots of stuff about them, hopefully some you never knew before!

So are you a Coldplay fanatic? I sure hope you are. If you're not, you better become one. Coldplay is the best band ever and anyone who says otherwise is dumb.

Created by: Fashion Lobster
  1. How many members are in Coldplay?
  2. How many LPs do they have?
  3. What were they first called?
  4. What is the most common mistake the media makes when spelling their name?
  5. What was their first single from the album "Parachutes"?
  6. Who plays the violin in Viva La Vida?
  7. Who is the main background vocalist?
  8. What is the tentative title of Coldplay's new and upcoming album?
  9. When did Coldplay release their sixth album, "Ghost Stories"?
  10. Who featured in their song, "Princess of China"?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Coldplay?