How Well Do YOU Know Ayden

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This is the amazing quiz to show how much you know about me and has nothing to do with the one Wren made like yesterday don't worry about it king. It's all part of the process

I hate this f---ing word limit how many paragraphs do I need to explain this, it's a very simple concept like god. I love you Mosesssss, i love you Mosessssss.

Created by: John James

  1. What is Ayden's middle name
  2. What is Wren
  3. What is My favorite color
  4. What is "FBI Mama's" real name
  5. What street do I live on
  6. When is my Birfdai
  7. What were my dead fish named
  8. Who is my favorite snowbunny
  9. When did I go to Four Corners
  10. Who was my 2020 Spotify wrapped top artist
  11. What school district did I go to before FCMA
  12. What is my grandma's name
  13. Team Fafalily or Oli London
  14. How many biological cousins do I have
  15. What is my plant named
  16. What is my like biggest ethnicity
  17. And finally do I love Moses or Jesus

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Ayden