How Well Do You Know Ashnikko?

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Ashnikko. We all love her! Take this quiz to see how much of a fan you are of them. I hope you like this quiz! I’m sorry if it’s too long! Thank you for taking it!

If you like this quiz or dislike it, please leave a rating and comment your thoughts or results! Thank you for taking this quiz I really appreciate it. We have more quizzes about Ashnikko as well.

Created by: Ashnikko_fan19
  1. Who is Ashnikko?
  2. How old is Ashnikko?
  3. What are Ashnikko’s pronouns?
  4. What’s Ashnikko’s #1 liked song?
  5. What’s Ashnikko’s favorite color?
  6. What’s Ashnikko’s sexuality?
  7. What age did Ashnikko discover rap?
  8. What’s Ashnikko’s hair color?
  9. What’s Ashnikko’s made up character?
  10. Is Ashnikko a feminist?
  11. What’s Ashnikko’s favorite food
  12. What’s Ashnikko’s favorite song?
  13. What’s Ashnikko’s dogs name?
  14. What’s Ashnikko’s #1 fear?
  15. What’s Ashnikko’s favorite holiday?
  16. What’s Ashnikko’s worst habit?
  17. What’s Ashnikko’s other hobby?
  18. What’s Ashnikko’s advice?
  19. Where does Ashnikko live?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Ashnikko?