How Well Do You Know Apple? V2

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Think you know Apple? You have come to the right place to test your knowledge on this multi-trillion dollar company. There are many Apple fans out there. Are you one of them?

This is the updated version of my original Apple quiz. It includes way more questions and it’s totally more challenging! Now, let’s test your knowledge.

Created by: Seallbay

  1. Which Apple Silicon chip was designed specifically for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro? *N stands for where the number should be
  2. What was AirPower supposed to be, but got scrapped?
  3. Where is Apple Park located?
  4. What product name was accidentally leaked in an Apple Support video?
  5. What was the first ever Apple logo?
  6. What was their first ever name?
  7. When did Apple become the first ever trillion dollar company?
  8. What company did Apple acquire in the late 90s?
  9. What is the store at Apple Park called?
  10. What is their slogan?
  11. What does WWDC stand for?
  12. When are flagship iPhones announced?
  13. What display does iPhone X have?
  14. What chip do iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have?
  15. Which of these games is not featured on Apple Arcade?
  16. What TV show, produced by Apple, got cancelled in 2018?
  17. What was Apple Pippin?
  18. Who stole Apple’s design for the original iPhone?
  19. Which team is described as ‘crack’?
  20. What fruit is the logo?

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