How Warrior are you

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Do you want to know if your a warrior or a kittypet? I would! This quiz tells you if you are fit to be a warrior or a kitty pet. There are 10 questions that you need to answer to get you results.

The results could be warrior, rouge, loner or kittypet. I hope you like my quiz (and I hope the answers aren’t obvious). I hope you like your results!

Created by: LynxDapple
  1. Which one is the best name?
  2. Choose the ending. You are walking and you see a mysterious cat walking over to you they say follow me what do you do?
  3. Your the leader and the deputy died who do you make deputy?
  4. How will you join starclan?
  5. You see a fox what do you do?
  6. Their is two legs in your camp what do you do
  7. Your leader died. You find out one of your friends killed him/her. Who was it?
  8. Do you choose kitty pet life or warrior life?
  9. Do you mate with someone in your clan or mate with a rouge, loner or kittypet
  10. Will you ever leave your clan?

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