How Venetian Are you?

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This is a basic quiz on the people, habits and language of the most serene republic of Venice. Stay away from wikipedia, see if your general knowledge is up to the task.

If you know your cibo, like your liquori, were born in Venezia or simply fancy yourself as a bit of an experienced traveller give it a go, I dare you!

Created by: Alexander
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  1. What is a Doge?
  2. What is/are Lidense?
  3. How many islands are there in Venice?
  4. How long is the “Ponte della Libertá” bridge to mainland Italy?
  5. Which of these islands did Venice own?
  6. How many bridges span the Grand Canal?
  7. When is Acqua Alta?
  8. Of the 272,000 inhabitants of Venice, approximately how many live in the city centre?
  9. If the Vicentini Magna Gatti, Genovesi Tutti Matti, Padoani Gran Dottori what are the Venexiani?
  10. What do you drink at 10am every morning?
  11. Who classifies as Terroni?
  12. Which do you prefer with your osso buco?
  13. Call yourself Venetian? in your spritz you use
  14. If I say Gó what do you do?
  15. Which fashion houses are born Venetians?
  16. If you went to the Casa di Reclusione Femminile (women’s prison) on la Giudecca what might you buy?
  17. When you arrive at Venice airport, which Alilaguna waterbus will take you through the Grand Canal to St Marks Square?
  18. The Commissario Brunetti novels by Donna Leon are all situated in or around Venice. They are written in English and translated into many foreign languages, but not into which language?
  19. The flag of Venice has a lion holding ?
  20. If a Venetian tells you to “va a cagar in un campo de ortighe” what does he suggest you do?

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