How to train you dragon. Which dragon do you get?

Here can you find the dragon that is best suited for you. These dragons are not the dragon riders are riding. It is five different dragons. I hope you will enjoy.

I thought that it would be nice if there for once were different dragons then the ones we are used to. I'm gonna keep the dragons a secret. You will figur it out in the end.

Created by: Andrea
  1. Which do you prefer? Day or night?
  2. Which do you like more?
  3. Which color?
  4. Which size?
  5. What do you like more?
  6. Most important?
  7. Does it have to be fire?
  8. Will you die for your dragon?
  9. What food?
  10. And lastely. Which class?

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Quiz topic: How to train you dragon. Which dragon do I get?