how to know if a guy likes you!!!!!!!!!!!

there are many boys in the sea and i think you have a big boy think is he a big one or a little one if he is a big one CEAP HIM if he is a little one let him go.

do you think guys like you well i can help you ( to tell you i like a lot of boys and very few of them like me.) this guiz will tell you how mutch a gut likes you

Created by: samantha

  1. does he talk to you at all?
  2. do you every dream of him?
  3. do you think he'll ever ask you out?
  4. have you ever told someone you like him?
  5. would you ever fart on your bff just so you can go out with him. lol :)
  6. how would you like you first date to be?
  7. what does his name start with
  8. is he in your same class?
  9. do you think he likes you?
  10. are you ready to see your awnser?

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