How smart is your dog?

There are many smart people, but few smart dogs. Dogs are, afterall, quite less than exceptional. What is a dog? A dog is something who is very loyal but stupid. Do this test and prove your dog is not stupid!

Sorry, guys, but i have no idea what to put on paragraph 2, so man man ss man this man man man ss man this. so man man ss man this man man man ss man this.

Created by: Armorkage

  1. What is the biggest group of numbers?
  2. How many dead people are there?
  3. If you are stupid and i am smart, is my dog smart?
  4. How many "f"'s are in this question?
  5. How many words does this sentence have?
  6. If 5 is 4 and 100 is 125, what is 50?
  7. Chuck Norris?
  8. Your dog is an idiot.
  9. How much of the brain does a man use?
  10. How many colors are in this question?

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Quiz topic: How smart is my dog?