How Similar are We?

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Hiii!! welcome to my first ever quiz~! sorry if its bad. ALso i hope you like the cat picture on the cover hehehe! that's not my picture, i just thought it was cute. ^w^

Today we're going to see how similar we are!! Hopefully you enjoy the quiz! if you dont then let me know how to improve it in the comments. okay, let's start now~

Created by: tsukii

  1. What's your gender?
  2. Your age?
  3. Dere type?
  4. Eye color?
  5. Do you like anime?
  6. How about vocaloid?
  7. are you interested in languages? if so which is your favorite???
  8. Do you like to sing?
  9. What about singing in front of people?
  10. OK im gonna do some scenarios now. Let's see if we would react in the same way~! Scenario 1: you see your darling/beloved talking to someone youve never seen before. what do you do??
  11. Scenario 3: you were making a quiz and decided to add some scenarios. but you ran out of ideas after the first one. what do you do?!

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