How shy are you?

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Yeah a test if your shy or not uehdefgeruydgheuifgedu or how much shy you are dhdhjdvchcvchgdgcbhcbdhbdhbbhdhbdbhhdbhdbhbdhbcdhbcdhbcdhbcdbhd i don't know what to put...

Created by: Julius of how shy are you?
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  1. When someone looks at you, will you look away?
  2. If you will order a food in the restaurant, what will you do?
  3. If it was you're first day in school, what did you do??
  4. If there was a person who has opposite gender who says HI to you, what will you do?
  5. If you wear some sexy clothes, what is your reaction?
  6. If your teacher wants you to introduce yourself, what will you uhh do?
  7. If you wanna use your phone but you have to ask your mom, will you?
  8. buy in the cafeteria, what is your reaction?
  9. If you see a kid in the playground, what just would you do?
  10. Final question, Why did you come in this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How shy am I?