how sexy are you

There are all kinds of different people out there, the sexy ones, cute ones, and ugly ones. In this quiz you will answer a series of questions to find out just how sexy you are.

So how sexy are you? Are you very sexy, kinda sexy, or just cute? Well, what are you waiting for, why dont you take this quiz to find out?

Created by: seximexi

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  1. what type of clothing do you usually wear when you go out?
  2. do you think you are sexy?
  3. how much make-up do you wear?
  4. what type of clothing do you wear?
  5. whats your favorite store?
  6. how much jewelery do you wear?
  7. do you have any tatoos?
  8. what kind of undies do you wear?
  9. are you into gurls?
  10. ok, so this is the first quiz ive ever made, what do you think?

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