How "San Gabriel Valley" are you?

The San Gabriel Valley is a beautiful and culturally diverse place to be, yet we have our faults. From lousy drivers to hot obnoxious summers and near freezing winters. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

Do you have a hard time trying to understand your nieghbor cause you don't speak the same language? Do you find that driving in the SGV is suicidal? Do you like to buy food from a mexican dude pushing a shopping cart? If you answered yes, then you might be from the SGV. Take this quiz to see if you truly are SGV.

Created by: Martha
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  1. Growing up, you were more afraid of Richard Ramirez "The Night-stalker" than the "Boogey Man"?
  2. You've been to the original "In-&-Out" in Baldwin Park?
  3. You're Latino and listen to The Smiths/ Morrissey?
  4. You're Asian and at one time, you drove a "Rice Rocket"?
  5. After high school you went to either PCC, Mt.Sac, East L.A. College, CalState L.A., Rio Hondo, or Citrus College?
  6. You're a teenager in the 1990's and it's friday night. Where do you go for fun?
  7. You're Latino and dated Asian or you're Asian and dated Latino?
  8. You've been to the Haunted Forest or the Haunted School?
  9. The most dangerous street to drive in the San Gabriel Valley is...
  10. In the t.v. show "The Wonder Years" what local high school was used as the fictional "Robert Kennedy Jr. High"?
  11. You've been to "Noodle World" or "Noodle Planet"?
  12. The city with the most "shadiest" strip clubs is..
  13. You've hid in someone's car trunk in order to see a free movie at the "Valley Drive-In?"
  14. You've been to the Carnival at Legg Lake?
  15. City with the most "Chunti's?"
  16. You also speak Chinese or Spanish?
  17. What divides the San Gabriel Valley into East/West?
  18. You've shopped at "The Valley Mall?"
  19. You know what "Marrano Beach" is?
  20. In the 4th grade, you made a model replica of the San Gabriel Mission?
  21. You still say words like... "Diiiick", "How stupid aye", or "Waaack"
  22. You buy "Elote" or "Corn on a stick" (with mayo, butter, cheese, and lemon) from your local paisa?
  23. You know where the corporate offices for Panda Express is?
  24. You've been to the Azusa Canyon?
  25. You've been to the Rose Parade at some point in your life
  26. You don't consider anything east of West Covina "San Gabriel Valley?"
  27. You read Pasadena Star News or San Gabriel Valley Tribune?
  28. You've had a drink at Spike's?
  29. San Gabriel Valley. Love it or Hate it?

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Quiz topic: How "San Gabriel Valley" am I?