How Salvadoran are you?

There are a lot os salvadorans, but there are not many true guanacos. If you have been in El Salvador you should take this quiz, even if you haven't you should take it too

Are you a true salvy? Can you solve this quiz? If you solve it all right you'll win an iphone 6 plus!!!! Lol just kidding but you'll win the Salvadoran pride.

Created by: Marvino

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  1. What's the capital of El Salvador?
  2. What's the current coin?
  3. What Salvadoran soccer player is in the hall of fame of FIFA.
  4. Who was the best president of El Salvador
  5. The answer for 6 was "non of them above". Does the "isla conejo" belongs to El Salvador or Honduras ?
  6. How many states are there in El Salvador?
  7. Do you live in El Salvador?
  8. Were you born in El Salvador?
  9. Do you like El Salvador ?
  10. Have you been in "el mundo feliz"?

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Quiz topic: How Salvadoran am I?