How pretty are you?

Ever wondered how others see you? Look no further! This quiz will ask you questions about yourself to see which one you are: stunning, pretty, average, or unsure.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot see your face or body, so any result you get is purely for fun. Don't take anything here too seriously. You are all beautiful if you are kind- beauty on the inside reflects to the outside.

Created by: Lily

  1. Hi! First off, what's your workout routine like? (Sports/dance count as a workout)
  2. What's your style like?
  3. How often do you do your skincare routine?
  4. What does your hair typically look like?
  5. Has anyone ever asked you out?
  6. Are you a kind person? Be honest!
  7. Do you laugh a lot?
  8. What are your grades like?
  9. How's your hygeine?
  10. Do you wear the same outfits a lot?
  11. Do you enjoy your life? Be honest!
  12. Last but not least: Did you like this quiz? Your answer won't affect your results!

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I?