How Prep School Mother are you?

Sometimes people who are financially privileged start to believe that they have more human value than those who are less privileged. Sometimes those people let their world shrink to the point where they can only find common ground with others who exhibit the same external markers. English prep schools are a hotbed of this behaviour but not everyone behaves like an over-privileged small world snob - Do you?

Are you a balanced and fortunate person who strives for the the best education or a raging snob who just wants to make sure your children don't mix with the great unwashed?

Created by: Poppy
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  1. Do you drive a 4x4 car
  2. Do you own anything from Cath Kidston
  3. Have you ever left the house wearing anything from Boden
  4. Have you gone through another child's book bag/satchel in order to try and find out if that child is brighter than your own?
  5. Have you ever used the word 'Chav' to describe local children that you don't know?
  6. Have you given yourself a double barrelled name?
  7. Have you had your child tutored outside school?
  8. Have you googled other parents' houses to try and work out how much they cost?
  9. Do you have a celebrity mother at your school?
  10. When the celebrity mother is around do you find that you try very hard to cultivate her friendship/have your tongue right up her arse? Be honest.
  11. Have you ever avoided speaking to that mother who is a bit north and sarf?

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Quiz topic: How Prep School Mother am I?