How popular are you

Are you popular, kinda popular, on your way, or just plainly not popular material? Well with my quiz, you will have a pretty good view of what you are.

So what are you waiting for? Tap the button to start the quiz and in just a few minutes find out where you belong on the list, girl!!!!! Hopefully you will be satisfied wih your results, let's go!,

Created by: yummy29

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  1. Mean or nice?
  2. It's a regular school day. What do you get dressed in?
  3. How many friends would you say you have
  4. How many BEST friends would you say you have
  5. How do your friends know you?
  6. When you and your friends get the chance to hang out together how often do you hang out with them
  7. -- how many boys like you? (Like i mean like a friend)
  8. -- how many boys like you? (Like i mean like a friend)
  9. Ok how many boys LOVE you
  10. How many boys do YOU like?
  11. What kinds of friends do you have
  12. Final question : what type of person are you

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