How physically beautiful are you?

GIRLS ONLY Many people in this world are pretty, but are you BEAUTIFUL? Don't worry, be happy for who you truly are! And remember, don't wear too much makeup or you can possibly get a disease of some sort.

Are you beautiful? If you take this quiz and get a good score, congrats! Just hope you weren't lying, because you are the only one who will know, so you are just hurting yourself.

Created by: Isell Lemonade
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have pimples or acne?
  2. How does your hair look?
  3. Unibrow or Mustache?
  4. Lips?
  5. Eyebrows?
  6. Teeth?
  7. Weight?
  8. Height?
  9. Scars or markings?
  10. Body Shape?
  11. Nails?
  12. Eyes?
  13. Ears?
  14. Cheeks?

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Quiz topic: How physically beautiful am I?