How patriotic are you?

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How patriotic are you? Have you ever wondered how much you *really* love your country? If maybe you’re just a Democratic in disguise? Well know you can know!

Take this quiz to see what your real patriotism is! Brag to your friends how much you love your country after! Good luck! And love America! Heck yeah babeyyyyy!

Created by: Reemee
  1. Do you stand for the pledge?
  2. Do you support the president (Trump) no matter what?
  3. Do you celebrate national holidays? (Independence day, Veterans Day, Fourth of July, etc)
  4. Do you think the government treats everyone equally?
  5. Do you know the national anthem?
  6. Do you own a US flag?
  7. Do you support people immigrating to our country?
  8. Are you a republican?
  9. Do you think we should spread American values to other countries?
  10. Do you consider immigrants or children of immigrants real Americans?
  11. Do you pray to god?
  12. Are you white?
  13. Do you like your country?
  14. Do you support the second amendment?

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Quiz topic: How patriotic am I?