How old is your true self?

So If your really think your not supposed to be your age, do this quiz!! This can and will confirm your doubts about you being a diffrent age. So probably start

Still here? I thought you would start. So go on in, don't be scared. Please don't be. there's nothing to be frightened of. Uhh, I think. Like, 99% sure.

Created by: EJ_THE_HYBRID_
  1. What is your dream evening after school or work?
  2. In school you want to....
  3. There is a wallet on the street.
  4. Your friends turn against you CAUSE THEY CAUGHT YOU STEALING A WALLET
  5. You have like, a really big crush on one of your friends but their taken.
  6. someone raids your desk while your away.
  7. Did you see that weird....... ( finish this sentence)
  8. School finishes early, your parents arne't there.
  9. At home you see a knife lying about
  10. When you brush your teeth you always...
  11. what is your age?
  12. did you enjoy this?
  13. Are you ready?

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Quiz topic: How old is my true self?