How old are ya?

Do you wanna know how old ya are? Well if you do, then take this quiz. I hope ya like your result.

hope you like this quiz. its cool i guess. its not exactly right so dont trust it. it is just for fun. im bored with this now haha. well bye. hope ya like it

Created by: tammy
  1. do you sleep by yourself?
  2. do you have a cell fone?
  3. do you know your address?
  4. do you have a bf/gf?
  5. can you cook?
  6. what kind of music do ya listen to?
  7. whats ur fav color?
  8. what is 40% of $239?
  9. do you listen to the radio?
  10. are ya gonna rate or comment or both or niether?(doesnt count)
  11. what grade are you in?

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