How much y'really like him?

Like someone? At least you think you do.. he just a friend, yes this quiz is for girls or gay/bisexual/ men only.Sorry..heh. You're confused? it's okay!! Just take the quiz! You got this m'gurl/m'boy !

By the way, This quiz is only for my friends and a few strangers , so only the closest of the closest will take this quiz in private. Heh, y'all are so flipping epic, even if you aint my awesome friendos!

Created by: Lizzie :)

  1. Where did you first meet?
  2. Has he ever asked if you liked that specific person because you were staring at them?
  3. Does he stare at you alot?
  4. What does he smell like?
  5. Is he in a relationship?
  6. Do you know his common interests?
  7. How much do you think about him..and miss him..
  8. Are you enjoying the quiz so far? (no, it wont effect your score , dont worry)
  9. Ok, so, do your friends tell you that you're meant for eachother or something along the lines?
  10. Has he ever joked around with you?

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