How much of your youth is left in you?

This quiz is made to determine how much of that young kid that was in you when you were young is left. Take this quiz and see how much of your inner child is left.

Do you still have that spark of youth in you? Do people still look at you as the youngest, regardless of your actual age? If so or if not, take this quiz.

Created by: Mason

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  1. Do you name inanimate objects?
  2. Can you play with younger kids without being bored?
  3. when was the last time you played with toys? (NOT ADULT TOYS)
  4. Do you still have one or more inanimate objects that you are emotionally attached to?
  5. Do you still laugh at words like "poo"?
  6. Do you have an obsession with acorns?
  7. Do you still play on playgrounds?
  8. Out of these cartoons, which would you most want to watch?
  9. Do you have any baby teeth?
  10. Do you play with legos(tm)?
  11. Are you Superstitious?

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Quiz topic: How much of my youth is left in you?