How much of a Torontonian are you?

There are many people who live and work in Toronto - but how much do you really know about the city? This short Quiz will find out how much of a Torontonain you are!

Have you been to Toronto? Do you Work in Toronto? do you live in Toronto? Well how much do you know about the city? After this short Quiz we will find out just how much you do know!

Created by: lloydz500
  1. What is the Longest Street in Toronto?
  2. there are three main phone area codes for Toronto - what are they?
  3. If you were on the 501 Street Car, What street would you be on?
  4. Toronto hosts the largest underground pedestrian system in North America but what is it called?
  5. How many outdoor skating rinks are there in Toronto?
  6. How many Hotel Rooms are there in Toronto?
  7. How tall is the CN Tower
  8. The CN Tower is the tallest free standing structure in Toronto but what is the 2nd largest Building?
  9. Casa Loma has been used as a setting in many films however which of the following was NOT filmed there?
  10. What event will Toronto be hosting in 2015
  11. What year was the CN Tower completed?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Torontonian am I?