How much of a horse lover are you

Many people like horses, but most love them to pices, but a few take their love further by getting a good ground knolage or even spending every spare minute learning about them, eather through riding or books!!

Are you one of the very few who take their love further? Do you have the heart to find out more about one of the most useful animal? Take this quiz to find out??

Created by: Born to ride
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  1. Do you own/loan/borrow a horse?
  2. How many times do you ride out side of an arena per week?
  3. How often do you compete/go to shows?
  4. You are about to go on a hack and you have a competition tomorrow. Your horse is completly covered in mud. Do you...
  5. Two of the equine illness' listed below are infectious. Pick one of them.
  6. Which of the signs listed below is one of the signs of a helthy horse?
  7. What do you need to do daily? (Your horse is kept in a field)
  8. It is the middle of winter and the ground is frozen so you can't ride. What do you do instead?
  9. You have some free time at the stables. Do you
  10. How regually should your horse see teh farrier/blacksmith?

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Quiz topic: How much of a horse lover am I