how much of a dog are you

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if you were able to be a dog, would be a dog or not. dogs are awsome, and even if you arent a dog, your still awsome.people are awsome, but if you love your fur freinds, see if you could be one.

take this quiz, and find out if you could be a dog. I you dont like dogs, dont take the quiz, but take it anyway. If you dont like dogs, maybe you arent goinging to be one anyway. Thanks.

Created by: appleanimallover#189

  1. what do you like to do more
  2. what do you like to eat
  3. if i were a dog i would be a...
  4. what type of person are you
  5. whats your fav. color
  6. are you ready to be done
  7. well to bad, you have more: if it is nasty outside you are doing...
  8. what are your jerrerly opton
  9. do you like dogs
  10. do you like cats
  11. did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: How much of a dog am I