How much of a bully are you?

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This is a quiz that says if you are a bully or not. You could learn your a brat or a good cat/doggo! Please enjoy! Also, Keep reading for no reason: 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽. You finished the first, read the next!

100% means your a total bully and 0% means your an innocent angel. If your innocent, your good cat/doggo! Also, You have a high chance of getting 0% but whatever! Goodbye!

Created by: Quiz Maker Person

  1. Do people cry or act scared around you?
  2. How does your friends act around non-bully/non-popular kids/teens?
  3. How much do you get in trouble/detention?
  4. If you see someone bullying someone else, what do you do?
  5. If someone trips, what'd you do?
  6. Do you pick on people who are smaller then you?
  7. Do you describe yourself as coolest/toughest person in the school/high?
  8. How nice do people say you are?
  9. Do you lose friends a lot?
  10. Quizzesmusthavebetween10and60questions.Gotit!Rate this quiz!
  11. How sad are you that this is the end of the quiz?

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