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So we all love Bobert but it's important to know how much of a good person you are entirely dependant on how much Bob trivia you know This is a totally fair system Robin: You haven't changed at all. Before you couldn't say no to people, and now you can't say no to the cartoons.Cartoons: THAT'S NOT TRUE!Jimmy: That's not true.Tux: Zing!

Note: Scores bellow 50 are punishable by death Craig: [wearing a big spider costume] Dude, where were you this morning? You totally left me hanging!Jimmy: Dude, I told you yesterday.Craig: It was so perfect! Fairplay was gonna wake up, see me over her bed, and think she was 2 inches tall and never come to school again! But that didn't happen, because you weren't there! You know what a giant spider is without a rope to hang from? Just a guy breaking and entering!Jimmy: Well, I told you my dad's gonna take over.Craig: And I ignored you! I couldn't have been more clear!

Created by: jesus chris

  1. In terms of episode order, Bobert First appeared in which Series 1 episode?
  2. Bobert's 10th anniversary was on which date?
  3. How much official Bob merch is out there?
  4. Which of these has Bobert never said?
  5. What is his surname?
  6. Is he the best TAWOG character?
  7. Bobert's had how many major redesigns throughout the show?
  8. What does Principal Brown Refer to him as when he forgets his name in 'The Agent'?
  9. Bobert's Battle transformation is called?
  10. What was his final line in TAWOG series 6?
  11. Do you Like Bobert?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Bobert fan am I